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Company introduction

Guangdong DSH Seals Technology Co., Ltd, is a production-oriented technical enterprise having more than ten years of production and development experience. Our technical staffs specialize in the research and production of polymer wear resistant materials and sealing elements. They have rich experience in designing and manufacturing. We produce macromolecular materials including PTFE, PU and PLASTICS, RUBBER and so on, which are applicable to harsh work conditioning. We also focus on the research and development, production and sales of the whole series of hydraulic (pneumatic ) cylinder sealing products.

As a high-performances seals manufacturer, DSH Seals operates a state of the art manufacturing facilities, such as 2,000 sq. meters workshop, 1,000 sq. meters stable temperature/humidity PTFE workshop, CNC machine, NC sinter, automatic high-speed mixer, screening machine, automatic 660T press and exclusive urethane vertical NC lathe(Machining can reach diameter of 1500 mm) etc.. Theses have given them a leading edge in the sealing industry.

DSH Seals Solutions has developed the whole series of engineering machinery sealing products, such as SPGO, SPGW, KZT, HBY, etc. Our products have been applied in engineering machinery repair kit of Japanese series, American series and domestic series. 

The quality of our products has been passed by the Guangzhou City auto parts detection test center and part of our products has been exported abroad.

No matter how hard, the quality products and delivery on time is DSH's first order. At the same time continuous creation and hand in hand with customers to achieve common value and service society.