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Characteristics of PTFE oil seals
Virgin PTFE seals are not wear resistance. If it is practical, it must be filled with modification. We use two ways: one is inorganic filled modification, add glass fiber, carbon fi..
Hydraulic seals—Wiper seals
In hydraulic seals, oil seals can be used as wiper seals, but when the dust is serious or to protect other seals, it often used specialized wiper seals. Wiper seals in the hydrauli..
DSH Seals 2018 Mid-Autumn and National Day Holiday Notice
Mid-Autumn Festival reunion, Family fun!Dear Friends,According to the General Office of the State Council's notification, and combine with our company actual situation, now the holi..
Effect of hydraulic oil on the performance of seals
The hydraulic oil of the hydraulic breaker is used as a working medium in the hydraulic transmission system to provide energy transfer, conversion and control. At the same time, it ..
The design and installation of Y ring
The shape and model of Y ring can be designed and selected according to using condition and reference standard; The groove design can generally know shape, size and tolerance accord..
Analysis of hydraulic system oil leakage
Internal leakage (piston), external leakage (piston rod), oil leakage strength (drain, drip, flow), is there any obvious damage on the piston rod or piston surface of the cylinder? ..
Application of PTFE Back up Ring
PTFE Back up ring is a new type seal products, is the breakthrough of domestic and abroad new technology in the sealing field. PTFE back up ring changed the traditional using way of..
Common problem of excavator seals
Engineering machinery excavator also called excavating machinery,it is a bucket machine that excavates materials above or below the carrier surface and loads the earth moving machin..
Characteristics of PTFE material for hydraulic seals
PTFE - the industry is also called the king of plastics, nicknamed Teflon, Devon. This material is resistant to acids and alkalis and is resistant to various organic solvents, it is..
Guide ring for oil-free lubricating compressor DST
The guide ring, also called the support ring, is a part of the piston and piston rod for the hydraulic cylinder or cylinder that supports the movement of the piston and the piston r..