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Wiper Seals Product Introduction


Wiper Seals products can be divided into lip-shaped wiper seal, combination wiper seals. Among them, the lip-shaped wiper seals can be divided into non-skeleton-shaped and skeleton lip-shaped.

Lip-shaped wiper seals.

This kind of wiper seals widely used in engineering machinery, garbage trucks and other walking machinery.

Non-skeleton-shaped wiper seals.

It is installed in the closed groove of the front end of the cylinder head, the structure is easy to install, the most widely used in general industrial hydraulic, walking hydraulic and pneumatic.

Combination wiper seals, Polytetrafluoroethylene and rubber.

It uses the elasticity of the O-ring to compensate for the wear of the wear-resistant Teflon (PTFE) lip, with different materials O-ring can be used for high-speed, high temperature and special working medium occasions.

Combination wiper seals, Polyurethane and rubber.

It compensates for the wear of the wearable polyurethane (PU) seal lip when it is worn by the elastic compression of the O-ring, which has the advantage of being longer than the average lip-shaped wiper seals.

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