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Engineering machinery repair seal kits


Under normal circumstances, engineering machinery repair seal kits consists of O-rings, rod seals, piston seals, wiper seals and other seals components.

O-rings is usually usually used as a static seal, but if the hydraulic cylinder working pressure is over than 20MPa, a  PTFE (modified PTFE) back-up ring must be added, so you can prevent the O-ring pressure squeezing into the gap or be bitten or other issues.

Rod seals products are V-rings, U-rings, step seals and so on. Step seals is common to use as the primary seals in the rod, is has good performance of return oil.U-rings can be used alone,only in the pressure does not exceed 20MPa, but if over 20MPa, usually need other hard material back-up ring. U-rings can also be used as a secondary seal with a step seals. V-rings but need to use in the open groove.

Piston seals, glyd rings and combination seals. Glyd rings is usually used in the not so high requirements of internal leakage hydraulic cylinder, because this seal ring  material mostly is modified PTFE and 30% bronze, the higher the pressure, the better the sealing performance. Servo cylinders are generally used this type of seals. Combination seals general application of the compact size of the cylinder. This combination of sealing ring products with a guide element, the use of such a combination of seals, you can no longer add other guide components.

Wiper seals specify into double acting and single acting wiper seals. There are two factors that we should note when we choose the wiper seals, one is the step seals selection, and the other is the working condition. Polyurethane is the general material for double acting wiper seals. With a skeleton wiper seals usually use in harsh environment.

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