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The Importance of Hydraulic Cylinder Seal

How to properly select the appropriate hydraulic cylinder seal, which is a very important issue, the application of the cylinder seal products directly related to the design and production of a construction machinery equipment success or failure, it is very important to choose the right seals type, right installation method and correct usage. The failure of the construction machinery and equipment may cause the followings problems.

Production pause
One of the hydraulic cylinders seal has sealing performance problem, which can stop the construction machinery and equipment working.

Reduce system power
When the cylinder seal failure will lead to leakage within the hydraulic seal system, this situation will reduce the hydraulic system operating speed, extend the work cycle, and even lead to engineering machinery and equipment can not complete the specified action, and this leak is difficult to detect, only through the disassemble to repair.

Affecting product quality
Bad hydraulic cylinder seal sealing performance will cause the construction machinery and equipment failed to complete the specified action, so that the production of products can not meet the specified quality requirements, resulting in waste or defective.

Resulting in the loss of working medium
Because the fuel tank seal product failure caused by leakage of hydraulic cylinders will make expensive hydraulic media loss, resulting in waste and pollution.

Waste of raw materials
Because the loss of sealing media and pollution of the pipeline of raw materials or products, resulting in waste and direct economic losses.

Pollution of the environment
In addition to external leakage will cause environmental pollution, the more likely to cause such as fire and other safety incidents.

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