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What is rotary shaft seal?

Rotary shaft seal is also called rotary rod lip seal, commonly known as oil seal. It is installed between the rotating shaft and the stationary part, which is used to the leakage of seal lubricating oil and prevent the outside dust, and the debris invades the internal equipment of sealing element.

Rotary shaft seal is also a kind of dynamic seal. The rotary seal is made up of a slide ring filled with polytetrafluoroethylene and a rubber O sealing ring providing elastic force. 

It used to rotating or swing motion of seal bars, shafts, pins, rotary joints, etc.

There is a hydraulic rotary rotation in all industrial fields, such as engineering machinery, construction machinery and automobile equipment. It is a rotary sealing ring that can withstand both sides of the pressure or bidirectional effect of alternating pressure.

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