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What is U type seal?


U type Seals is a modern combined seal based on U type seal ring or similar flexible lip seal ring and an inner supporting ring. 

DSH Seals tells you that it has two special advantages. The back up ring eliminates the possibility of extrusion at the heel and allows the seal to adapt to higher working pressure. 

At the same time, the rubber cross section seal ring can adapt to the continuous pressure compaction, but the initial interference pressure is low. Therefore, the effective contact area of the seal continues to expand with the increasing of the pressure.

U type seals, only under no pressure or low pressure, the end production of the seal lip can be sealed contact. When the pressure is raised, the fluid pressure makes the radial expansion of the section of the seal and increases the area to maintain the tightness. 

At the same time, the back up ring may form that front end deform, close any way of extrusion. Finally, under the action of high pressure, the seal section is fully deformed, and the back up ring is also fully deformed and completely contact with the cylinder wall. It provides a solid foundation for shear resistance and extrusion prevention.

DSH Seals can supply different kinds of U type seals, we have our own professional designers to meet any of your requirements. Welcome to contact me.

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