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Correct way of installation of cylinder o seal ring


When cylinder install correctly and fully lubricate, DSH Seals tell you that O ring is usually not easy to roll or twist in reciprocating motion. Because the contact area with the groove is much larger than the contact area with the sliding surface, the tension of the O-ring itself prevents distortion.

 The friction of groove is static friction. Therefore, in any case it is greater than the running-in friction. It is more inclined to keep O ring in its groove. However, anything that changes these conditions can slide some part of the O ring. 

At the same time other parts roll, resulting in excessive distortion of the seal. Finally it will lead to the damage of seal ring. The damage is a spiral crack around the O ring, known as spiral damage.

Some of the other sections developed from O-rings have higher torsional stiffness,  is not easy to emerge spiral damage. When need simple seal ring and possiblity of sprial damage is larger, they can be used to replace O-rings in standard O-ring grooves. 

For applications where a simple double-acting reciprocating seal is used, the use of an O ring seal far exceeds the simple seal of other sections. When it comes to working with O rings that have proven to be unsatisfactory (or deemed unsatisfactory), thicker seal profiles are often chosen.

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