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China Xi’an International Seal Industry Technology Exhibition 2018


On 15th-18th March, 2018, a group of people who is from Guangdong DSH Seals Technology Co.,Ltd and Fangsheng Hydraulic Seals(Agents in the northwest 5 province) participated in the 26th China Xi’an International Seal Industry Technology Exhibition 2018. 

The exhibition was held in Xi’an Qujiang International Conference Exhibition Center which enjoys the historic city and the ancient capital of the thirteenth dynasty!


“Small seals, Big role” The rapid development of modern manufacturing, seals industry will play an irreplaceable effect. 

During the exhibition, our company attract large audiences to know by exquisite poster album, products shows and professionals’ presentation. Greatly improved the companys visibility and influence in the industry, achieved its intended purpose.

DSH Seals: Exhibition Site

The 26th China Xi’an International Seal Industry Technology Exhibition 2018 attracted many high-quality manufacturers in various industries participating the exhibition. 

Including aerospace, petroleum, chemical, automotive, power, shipbuilding, military, metallurgy, food machinery, textile, hood, railways, elevators, instrumentation equipment, communications equipment, communications, motors, construction, medical equipment hundreds of companies. 

Seal technology products and producing equipment include static seals,dynamic seals and seals(PTFE Seals, Hydraulic Oil Seals, Rubber seals, O ring etc.), seals(Hydraulic Seals, Pneumatic Seals, Rotary Seals etc.), seals material, sealing production materials(Rubber, Nitrile, Fluoroelastomer etc.), sealing equipment(Sealing test/measuring equipment, Sealing device and auxiliary equipment, etc.)

Seals in different industries


DSH Seals has always uphold high-end quality, customer satisfaction, consciously improve, sustainable development! This is our quality policy. Satisfying the needs of customers is our daily work, independent research and development and lean manufacturing are our living habits, ensuring quality and fast delivery are our mission.