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Seals application, Food Grade Industry


Food Grade Industry

Food machinery is a mechanical equipment and device applied during the processing of food raw materials into food (or semi-finished products). Food grade mainly divided into food processing machinery and packing equipment.

 Food processing machinery include screening and cleaning machinery, crashing and cutting machinery, stir and homogenize machinery, forming machinery, separating machinery, evaporation and concentration machinery, drying machinery, baking machinery, refrigeration machinery, extruding machinery, conveying machinery etc. 

Food packing machinery include packing equipment, packing and printing machinery, packing container making machinery, packing material processing machinery etc. 

Seals in food machinery generally come in directly or indirectly contact with food. Therefore, these products must be guaranteed in terms of cleanliness and safety. The materials must meet the food-grade requirements. 

In August,2013, our first batch of food-grade seal passed the quality inspection food inspection of Guangdong Province and obtained the certificate of performance excellence. Afterwards, various materials have passed food grade certification. To make our food grade certified material cover all kinds of food machinery.


Food grade seals( Seal gaskets)- Food grade mechanical seals are a kind of sealing ring used in the production of edible products machinery and equipment


Sealing products produced by DSH Seals has been widely used in food grade industry. DSH Seals can supply various kinds of seals.