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Seals repair kits, Engineering Machinery Industry


Engineering Machinery

Engineering machinery is an important part of equipment industry. Generally said, all earthwork construction engineering, road construction and maintenance, flow type lifting handling operation and the mechanical equipment necessary for the comprehensive mechanized construction works required for various construction projects, known as engineering machinery. 

Seal repair kits generally refer to the sum of all seals and related consumables at a specific location on a mechanical device. In most mechanical equipment, rubber, plastic or other non-metallic seals have a limited life span and high frequency of replacement compared to other mechanical parts. The labor costs and downtime costs associated with replacement of seals are often much higher than the value of the seals themselves. 

Therefore, when repaired a specific location and many specific location of the mechanical equipment, generally change the relevant seals or vulnerable parts at one time. Then, seals repair kits come into.


Series of products of seals repair kits produced by DSH Seals able to use by professional equipment manufacturers and export to Europe, America, Middle East and other markets. The good quality has been recognized by customers.