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Feature and advantages of grease-resistant rubber seals
During the use of the seal, the medium is always indispensable, that is, the grease mainly acts as a mechanical friction part, lubrication and sealing. Also used on metal surfaces t..
Principle and form of dynamic seals
Dynamic seals can be divided into two basic forms: rotary seal and reciprocating seal. According to the sealing conditions, the parts that are in relative motion with the sealing co..
Precautions for hydraulic cylinder disassembly
The hydraulic circuit should be relieved of pressure before disassembling the hydraulic cylinder. Otherwise, when the tubing joint connected to the cylinder is loosened, the high-pr..
Main factors and solutions for oil seal leakage
The main reason of oil leakage is that the seal of oil seal is not strict. When the shaft wears and forms a groove, even if the oil seal is not sealed when changed oil seals, the co..
Mechanical seal wear
Wear is a form of failure that occurs frequently with mechanical seals. It is an important issue to grasp the wear law of the contact type mechanical seal, predict the wear rate, an..
Design and selection of hydraulic seals
The hydraulic cylinder is an important element for the final operation in the hydraulic system. The hydraulic cylinder is composed of cylinder, piston, piston rod, cylinder head, se..
Industrial rubber gasket material
The rubber gasket seal material is suitable for sealing medium such as water, sea water, air, inert gas, alkali, salt aqueous solution. However, it is not resistant to non-polar sol..
PU oil seal introduction
The PU oil seal is a seal product made of a polyurethane raw material, which is formed by at least a pair of sections perpendicular to the rotation axis under the action of the flui..
Compact seals
According to different working pressure, can choose the structural form of the seal. But any seal material cannot meet multiple performance requirements at the same time. A seal wit..
The sealing performance of O ring in reciprocating movement
In the seal systems of hydraulic rotating and pneumatic components, reciprocating seal is the common sealing requirements. Reciprocating seals are used in the cylinder, pneumatic cy..