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Seven Industries
DSH Seals is a technology production enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It owns professional production plants and branches, and is mainly engaged in the research, ma..
Basic performance of hydraulic rubber seal material
In the process of running the seal in the mechanical equipment, we always encounter many bad factors of the seal, such as cracking, deformation, leakage, poor hardness performance, ..
Sealing principle and performance of skeleton oil seal
The structure of the skeleton oil seal is actually very simple. It is generally composed of three parts, an oil seal body, a reinforcing skeleton and a self-tightening coil spring. ..
Hydraulic machinery related seals
The hydraulic seal is a type of lip seal, and the leakage is extremely small. The leakage of the hydraulic seal is extremely small and has a good sealing effect.
Basic introduction of electric power equipment seals
Power equipment mainly includes two major categories of power generation equipment and power supply equipment. Power generation equipment is mainly power station boilers, steam turb..
What are J type oil seals and its characteristics?
J-type oil seals are mainly used in steel mill rolling mills and transmission parts in neutral machines. Tension springs increase the radial force of the sealing lip on the rotating..
Basic introduction of floating oil seals
The floating oil seal was born in the late 1950s and was originally used to replace the rubber seal on the bulldozer chassis. The original rubber oil seal is damaged quickly due to ..
What are the characteristics of square ring?
Square seals, like O-rings, are fixed seals that can be used for two-way sealing. The contact pressure is applied by the installation to produce initial sealing properties in the ra..
Hydraulic seals
The extremely small leakage requires a small leakage of the hydraulic seal and a good sealing effect. The performance of the hydraulic seal automatically increases the sealing effec..
What is spring energized seal?
The spring energized seal is a type of seal with a special spring built into the U-shaped seal, or a high-performance seal with a special spring loaded with a U-shaped Teflon. The a..