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Seal design principles of piston rod V seal
V ring can be used for both piston and piston rod seals. Since it has been standardized, the primary task in designing is to determine the structure of the seal and to select its ma..
Design and characteristics of o ring
o ring is a sealing element with a circular cross-sectional shape. It is widely used in many kinds of mechanical equipment and functions as a seal in a certain temperature, pressure..
Structure features of reciprocating seal
Rubber O-rings are extrusion-type seals, and the basic working seal principle of extruded seals relies on the elastic deformation of the seals, which results in contact pressure at ..
What is mechanical seals?
It is commonly used in rotary fluid machinery such as pumps, compressors, reaction stirred tanks, etc. It can also be used for sealing of gear boxes, valves, rotary joints, and the ..
Application and Disadvantages of Silicone Rubber O-rings
Silicone rubber O-ring is a kind of ring-shaped product made of silicon rubber. It is a classification in silicone rubber products. Silicone rubber O-ring has wide temperature adapt..
Skeleton oil seals working principle
Skeleton oil seals are typical representatives of oil seals. In general, oil seals refer to skeleton oil seals. The function of the oil seal is generally to isolate the parts that n..
Which kind of seals are the wiper seals?
After using wiper seals, can effectively remove the dust and debris on the piston rod, but will not have any harm to the above oil film, which is conducive to the lubrication of the..
Precautions of leakage of several kinds of Oil Seals
DSH Seals have a professional technical team, not only provide seals for customers, but also provide customers with customized sealing solutions. If you have sealing technology prob..
Installation and characteristics of six kinds of hydraulic cylinder Seals
DSH Seals briefly describe installation and characteristics of six kinds of hydraulic cylinder Seals, Wiper seals, Piston rod seals, Supporting ring and guide tape, Piston seals, St..
U seal ring with cross-section shape variant
U-rings are single-acting seals that require back-to-back mounting in double-acting cylinders. It can also be used in groups with pressure rings. Simple U-shaped seal rings are usua..