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PTFE seals are well received, customers are sincerely rewarded every year.
Since our establishment in 2011, we stick to “establish a century enterprise” as our corporate philosophy, today our businesses have been recognized, and high - quality products h..
A Visit By a Well-Known Germany Sealing Company
On Aug 8th, we have received our customers from Germany, they work for one of the world's largest seal supplier, so it's our great chance to meet them. They arrived at our company ..
Steel ring and static gasket material selection
Carton steel:Standard material, suitable for general environment of lubricating oil or grease.304 stainless steel:Suitable for lubricating oil or grease under corrosive environment...
Requirements of shaft and groove
To maximize the performance of PTFE seal excellent and durability, and avoid installation.Improper damaged seals, shaft sealing surface and groove are needed.Appropriate processing...
Standard size of PTFE oil seal(Reference only)
diameter of axle* outer diameter*width(mm),No limit for heitght from 7~12mm.Other specification, please contace us.