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Installation of O ring requirement.
The above is the installation notes for O ring, do you clear? If not, contact DSH Seals for details. Thanks for your time.
Wiper Seal
DSH Seals could offer various O rings in Rubber or PTFE material, welcome to contact us for more details.
Rubber O Ring features and application scopes.
DSH Seals could offer various O rings in Rubber or PTFE material, contact us for more details.
Seals & Gaskets Selection.
DSH Seals produce various kinds of Seals & Gaskets, we could design to meet your specific requirement, contact us at any time, we will respect your needs.
Common problem of high and low pressure hydraulic cylinder
DSH Seals is a professional manufacturer, design, produce and OEM Seals, Seal Rings, Oil Seals, Auto Sealing Parts, Hydraulic Seals, Mechanical Seals, Rubber Seals, O rings, Y ring ..
High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder Seals
Assembly the Seals in right way, can reduce the frequency failure by the seals elements cause, to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the engineering machinery. DSH Seals..
DSH Seals New Years Day 3 consecutive holidays
DSH Seals company will temporarily closed for the New Year's Day from Jan 1 to Jan 3, 2016.
A Team visit DSH Seals.
Recently, a team of our customer came to visit our company, our general manager Mr. Hu, took them around our workshops and office. The customers gave us a favorable approval on our..
Welcome to Visit DSH Seals.
DSH Seals is a manufacturer who specialized in designing, producing and selling Sealing Elements, like Piston Seal, Rod Seal, Spring Energized Seal, Wiper Seal, Oil Seal, Guide Ring..
DSH Seals successfully passed ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate
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