• T: 400-0087-996

Product Series


  • Code:DST2
  • Speed≤(m/s):2
  • Temp.Range℃:-60/+100
  • Material:PTFE filled bronze
  • Medium:Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids,barely flammable hydraulic fluids,water air and others.
  • Application:Foodstuff industry ,Water hydraulics, Dry application, Pneumatics, Heavy duty cylinders

DSH Seals, Wear strips Products.

Guide strips.      Guide strips.

Wear strips.      Wear rings.Guide strips.     Guide rings.


Forms of Supply
1.Type of cut
We can provide guide strip in rolls and pre-cut guide ring.
The Angle Cut is the most frequently used standard type of cut. Straight Cut and Step Cut are available on request.
2.Edge chamfer forms
No chamfer is a standard form.
We can provide the edge is rounded or chamfered form. This design can prevent the products and groove fillet interference, but also easy to the install.


The thickness of PTFE guidance tape is greater than or equal to 2mm can be supplied with embossing.
Embossing structure is the sliding surface which with small lubrication micro cavity, which can promote the formation of a lubricant film, improve the micro-lubricating, embedded micro foreign matter, and help to protect the seal system.
In consideration of the guidance tape can be used for piston and rod. Generally made into a double-sided embossing.